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Sweater Alert!

11 Oct

Sweater Alert!

Have you ever had a sweater that made people take a double take? No? Well you know where you can find one, right here at Taylrzjoynt! Get this comfy all season sweater today! Plus it’s fall season so hurry up and grab one!


Can We Say Chic!

11 Oct

Can We Say Chic!

Check out one of our recent shoots, where we featured a chic look. Here we have a long cute white maxi dress top off with a SimpsonLee Denim studed vest. Shop Taylrzjoynt today.



11 Oct


Naturally Beautiful Meetup…

Food,Drinks,Dj,Games,Raffle & fashion..

Bring 5 items to Swap!!!

We’re looking for talented designers!!!

9 Jun

If you are an indie designer who is looking for the opportunity to take your brand to the next level, then we are looking for YOU!!!  We are currently filling booth spaces at reasonable rental rates for both emerging and established designers.  

Benefits of being a part of Taylrz Joynt:

  • Receive a space to sell your merchandise at an established boutique with existing clientele.
  •  Have the freedom to host amazing special events and trunk shows.
  • Along with gaining our established clientele, you will also have access to our press, advertising, and social media marketing, which in return will allow you to gain extra brand awareness.
  • Gain the opportunity to work within an environment with positive vibes and other like-minded indie designers.

If interested in applying for a booth spot, please visit us at our site for a downloadable application or email us at for more details.

All Frills no Fluff

30 Apr

Feathers have long been a fashion staple. Sneaking in and out of wardrobes for centuries, they’ve adorned hats, bodices, skirt hemlines, dresses, and tons of other wardrobe accouterments. This year, they’re making a huge come back and Taylrz Joynt is on the up and up with the revival.

Resuscitating some classic, Hollywood-inspired looks–think 50’s glam or saucy burlesque (you remember the large feather fans and boas!)—A modern interpretation of these decorative fluffs on a necklace or headband will have any side of your wardrobe kicking up their heels!

Luckily, Taylrz Joynt will be fresh in style, giving you plenty of reason to check out our feathery goods. Be on the lookout for some of our one of the kind pieces, including new vintage styled jewelry, caps, and hair accessories.

Make the most special dress in your life…the most special gift for your baby!!!

19 Sep

The CAUSE and the CURE!!!

25 Jul

Support Talyrz Joynt and the partcipants of “The Run for Diabetes” marathon, which will take place on September 5th.  Every year over 1.6 million people are newly diagnosed with diabetes. Among those affected some are our sister, father, or maybe even ourselves. Help contribute to the change by sponsoring a runner. From the smallest to the largest contribution every bit counts. For more information about The Run for Diabetes marathon please vist their website at

Donate Here

Thanks for the support!





Congrats Carlye!!!

11 Jul

After weeks of anticipation and planning we were so excited to enjoy our Vintage Event a few Sunday’s ago. Guest got to shop some great Vintage finds and wore some of their own best Vintage outfits…but one in particular stood out.  Carlye Robin, winner of our $500 wardrobe wore a purple vintage reconstructed prom dress. Congrats Carlye and Nancy, winner of our 1930s photo shoot!! We can’t wait for the next vintage event!!!!  




Carlye Robin…winner of the “Best Dressed Vintage Outfit”

and more pics from the event

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

to view even more pics visit Jeff Knight Photography website.

Trunk Show at Taylr’z Joynt 7/17!!!

3 Jul

Show your love…

11 Jun

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